Pearl of the Prairie---Hulun Lake

   Hulun Lake(also named Dalai Lake), which is the fourth largest freshwater lake of our country, can be called the first prairie lake of the world. It is situated in the west of Hunlun Buir Prairie among Left Xinba Erhu Banner right Xinba Erhu Banner and Manzhouli.

  Hulun Lake has broad water area and rich resources. It is an unpolluted lake of pure water rarely found in the country, and a big sparkling pearl on Hulun Buir Prairie. It connects with Beier Lake by Wuerxun River. The two sister lakes are symbols of Hulun Buir Praivie and pride of people of various nationalities of Hulun Buir. Hulun lake covers an area of 2339; perimeter of the lake is 447km; it is 93km long; maximum width is 41km; it is 5.7 meters deep in average and 12 meters in maximum; total water storing quantity is 13850000000m3.

  “Dalai Lake” is a name for it by herdsman of Mongol nationality living around it in the early of Qing Dynasty “Dalai” which is Mongol means“sea”; “Dalai Lake”means“a lake like a sea”. In the past, it is called;“Hulun Pool” on the map and it is generally called “Hulun Lake”.In the Hulun Lake district, there are numerous rivers and lakes and the groundwater and surface water resources a ample .The main tributaries include Wuerxun River originating from Beier Lake. Kelulun River originating from Kent Mountain of Mongolia and the swallowing river Dalai Eluomu River which leads to Eer Guna River. There are some seasonal rivers and lakes around the lake including some big ones such as Xin Dalai Lake and Wulan Nuoer.

  Hulun Lake is a structural lake with a long history of 100 million years. It’s a swallowing lake situated at highland. Its water level is in cyclical movement. There are undulating mountain peak and cliff on the wes and north bank of Hulun lake. The terrain is smooth and even on the east and south bank; and connects with green field of thousands of miles.

   Changes Over 100 million Years

  Hulun Lake is an attractive place for historians and ethnologists. In history, Hulun Buir Prairie with Hulun Lake and Beier Lake as centers is a historical stage for the activities of Northern herdsmen. Since time immemorial, a lot of people have lived here and moved about in search of pasture. Hulun lake District can be called the growing cradle of northern herdsmen. From Zhalai Nuoer People in the late period of the Old Stone Age to Doughu People in the earliest historical records, later the Shiwei, Tujue, Huiqi, Qidan and Nuzhen People and present Mongolia, they all grow out of this cradle to step onto the historical stage and perform one after another heroic and majestic stage play which makes great contributions to the creation of long-history civilization of the Chinese nation.

  The Biggest Production Base of Freshwater Fish in Inner Mongolia

  Three lakes and one pool(Hulun lake, Beier Lake, Xindalai Lake, Wulan Nuoer) among which Hulun Lake is the primary one as well as three rivers(Ke Lulun River, Wuerxun River, Dalan Eluomu River) form a natural organic water system for the habitation and exist of fish one generation after another generation.Hulun Lake district is rich in fish resources. The following ancient Chinese prose proves that: “At the time when ice and snow thaw, fish from Beier lake into Hulun Lake swim northwards in lines. There are too much of them and the river is nearly full of them. As a result, shipping is blocked”; at the time when the fish reproduce and spawn”, the sound of the fish spawning even shake the lake bank. If a person who waters the house doesn’t ride away in a hurry, the horse will be frightened and refuse to 90 ahead.

  Fish in Hulun Lake can be classified into 5 orders, 8 families and 33 varieties. Fish with economic value mainly have 7 varieties among which small-sized dinner strip fish constitute the majority and big-sized high-qualith fish include: carp, culter erythropterced, Mongolia culter erythropterces, catfish, silver crucian carp,pike. Hulun Lake has its own special pretty white shrimp whose meat is thick and with fresh flavor and which is superior aquatic products drawing color, savor and flavor as a whole. Hulun Lake has grand sight of fishing in winter. When the 800-meter long big fishing net is unfolded, it looks like a roc opening its wings. Put through a hole into the water under the ice, the fishing net can travel through an area of about 5 or 6 One net can catch fish 3 to 5 tons in minimum and more than one hundred tons in maximun. Only the Hulun Lake fishing Company can yield more than 10 thousand tons every year.

  Treasure house of Birds Resources

  Hulun Lake which is situated at eh heart of Hulun Buir Prairie is the lowest point of Inner Mongolia Highland. The terrain around the lake is smooth and boundless. Hulun Lake is the only big one within an area about thousands of miles around the lake. Owing to the geographical position of the lake its scenery characteristics and reed, river willow growing thickly around the lake, numerous fish, shrimps and planktons, Hulun Lake district becomes an ideal place for birds’ habitation and reproduction.

In the two seasons of spring and autumn, there are various and a large quantity of birds going north and south. And consequently, Hulun Lake District becomes an important passageway for birds’ migration in eastern inland. According to research statistics by experts, birds in the Hulun district can be clsaaified into 17 orders ,41 families and 241 varieties, mainly including crane, gull, swan, wild goose, duck and egret etc. among which many belong to rave and precious birds. Hulun Lake district is one of the rare treasure houses of bird’s resources in the world. It is a bird paradise endowed by God.

Hulun Lake District—Good Place for Traveling and Sightseeeing

  Hulun Lake district has special scenery and mild climate. The splendid natural view and rich local conditions and customs add the scenic beauty to the neighborhood around the Lake District. Hulun Lake traveling district is a good place for visitor’s sightseeing, viewing and visiting and visitors cannot tear themselves away: sunrise of Hulun Lake—makes you feel complete freedom of heart and ease of spirit; sitting and seeing crowd mountains on Wulan Nuoer—brings you to paradise; sightseeing by ship—enables you to appreciate the broadness and profundity of sea: catching fish in winter—lets you drink in the beauty of the northern scenery and share the pleasure of harvest. When the mid-summer comes, visitors can dive into the water to play with the tide and water to their hearts’ content, or fish with a fishing rod in their hands on the bank of the lake, or lie on their backs on the lake beach to sun-light bath and lake-sand bathDalai Lake Restaurant situated on the bank of the lake has scenic beauty and excellent services. It solicits customers from all quarters with sincerity.  All the visitors to the Lake District must taste the “whole fish feast “famous throughout the country. It is great enjoyment to sit in the lake bank restaurant, watch the lake glistening with ripples and taste fish: shrimps on the whole fish feast”. It can be said: “A vast expanse of misty, rolling waters,the lake and the mountain are both beautiful; the first under heaven,the fish has special flavor.” Green and pure lake water connects with the boundless prairie. When you come to visit Xin baerhu Mongolian herdsman’s home on the bank of the lake, industrious and unsophisticated Baerhu Mongolian herdsman will welcome you with fragrant milk ten, pure white hada, a piece of silk used as a greeting gift among the Zang and Monggol nationalities and warm greetings. In the year 1997, Hulun Lake was assessed as one of the ten tourist sights of Inner Mongolia.

 Continuously Developing Hulun Lake Fishery

   Since the Inner Mongolia fishery Company established in 1948, Hulun Lake has been owned by the country and carried out centralized operation. In 1995, Inner Mongolia changed its name to State-Operated Dalai Lake fishing Ground. In 1994, to adapt to the development of market economy, Dalai lake Fishing Ground changed its structure and was renamed Dalai lake fishery Co.,Ltd(state solely owned); to further adapt to the development and meet the requirements of market economy, “Hulun Lake Group” was established on Jun.18th, 1997 by the ratification of League Administrative Office. The established Hulun Group Possess 7 holding branch companies, 7 branch companies for catching, 4 operating branch companies, 11 units for renting, 3 institutions (Police station on Water, Agnatic Products Scientific Research Instituts, Staff and workers Hospital).

   The main items of production and operation are: aquatic products catching, processing, selling; tinned food processing, meat food processing, freezing, storing, selling; mineral water beverage producing, selling; paper box processing, selling; wildlife raising, breeding chicken raising, meat and eggs selling; tourist and catering services; project construction and installation; coal and petroleum products selling; import and export of its own products selling; import and export of its own products and frontier trade; whole sale and sale of hardware building materials ,daily necessities, components of automobile and farm machinery; mechanical maintenance, overhaul and installation of boiler ets.

  Since the 11th party Congress the 3rd plenary session of the Central Committee, through the implementation of a series of reformation policies, new energy has been put into the enterprise, economic returns hare kept on increasing steadily, workers’ income has been kept on rising continuously, contributions has been made to the country on three aspects, economic returns, social returns and ecological returns. In 1985, “Dalai fishing Ground” was entitled civilized unit at Autonomous Region level In 1996, it was entitled advanced unit of industrial Enterprise Hygiene at autonomous Region level and was cited by the city, league and autonomous region. The enterprise carries for ward the spirit of seeking truth from facts, high-efficiency, competition, unity, improvement and contribution, and sticks to the production principles of “taking fishery as the essential thing and developing a diversified economy”. Now it has formed a new pattern of fishery production, that is: a complete procedure of production, supply, sale and storage, an integration of protection, fishing, breeding and processing. These several years the company has developed the strategy of promoting fishery through science and technology to a certain height, actively invited outside investment, made adjustments in the species structure of the fish, made efforts to increase social returns and economic returns and promoted the consistently, steady and rapid development of fishery economy.

   7 branch companies scattering on the banks hulun Lake and beier Lake have superior living condition and fully equipped production facilities. They can catch fresh fish of more than 10 thousand tons and fresh shrimps of 2 thousand tons every year. Now modernized communication equipments and satellite receiving system have been installed. Workers’ cultural lives are colorful. Tinned Food Co.Ltd Linlingquan, zhalai Nuoer has yearly production capacity of 2 thousand tons. Tinned food(green food) taking as raw materials freshwater fish and shrimps from unpolluted Hulun Lake and cows, sheep from Hulun Beier Prairie have distinctive characteristics and are famous at home and abroad. They are sold to more than 10 countries and districts such as Europe, Asia and Africa etc. Many items of products have won High-quality Products Awards at state, ministry and province levels. In addition, over the past several years, it has developed and established businesses such as beverage production, business service, components for agricultural machinery, planting and raising industry and foreign oriented frontier trade etc.

   Hulun Lake Fishery Group Co.,Ltd is a key enterprise of Hulun Lake Group. Now it has total capital of 75 millino yuan, net capital of 28 millino yuan. It creates average profits tax of 5 million yuan every year. It has 3 thousand staff and workers among which 176 are graduated of colleges and secondary schools for professional training who play an important role in aspects such as scientific research, environmental protection, medical treatment and hygiene, financial statistics, food processing, planting and raising. These years, the company has paid more attention on importing talents and imported graduates of colleges and secondary schools for professional training for many times who have been assigned to important posts respectively. Through many years of development, medical treatment level of the Staff and Worker’s hospital has been greatly improved and the hospital was listed among the best hospitals in Oct. 1997. The company treats aquatic scientific research and fishery administration as the most important thing. Over the last several years, all of the scientific research staffs of the scientific research institute ha made profound investigation on the ecology around the Lake District, which has proved the scientific research value of the Lake District. These years, fishery administration has been strengthened, and realized the professional and private connection, laid much emphasis on administration on water, and basically ensured quantity of the fish in the water. As a result, illicit and excessively catching have been completely brought under control.

   Since the establishment of the Dalai Lake Fishery Company in 1948, all the staffs have strived for the building of Hulun Lake for 50 years. From small to big, from weak to strong, Hulun Lake’s development has been recorded. In 1986, the company sorted out the data and compiled, published A Surver of Hulun Lake. This survery records the development and change of the fishery company since 1948 as well as the vicissitudes of Hulun Lake and it describes in details the scene of humanity and ecological environment. The book is the first survey about a lake in Chinese history. In 1998, to welcome the 50th anniversary of the founding of the enterprise, the company decided to compile and write A Survey of Hulun Lake, sequel of the Firsh survey which has total of 800 thousand words and is published by Inner Mongolia Culture Publishing House.

Prospects of the Hulun Lake

  Over the past hundreds of years, Hulun Lake has silently made great contributions to mankind. It can be said like this: Present Hulun lake is not only precious fortune and pride of Hu League, but also huge fortune and pride of Inner Mongolia and even china.

   On Oct.29th , 1992, the state council designated Hulun Lake as nature preservation zone at state level; On Apr.5th, 1989, Inner Mongolia Autonomous. Region the 7th People’s congress the 6th standing committee passed a resolution that Hulun lake, Wuerxun River, Kelulun River, Xin Dalai Lake, Wulan Nuoer were listed as key fishery resources preservation zone of the autonomous region and unified management is carried out. In Nov. 1997, Hu League Administrative office decided to assign the water area of Beier Lake, which belongs to china to the unified operation of Hulun lake Group. And this fact can prove that Hulun lake Fishery Company has really manifested their ability of large-scale production in their operation and management of fishery production. Leaders at various levels have thought highly of it.

   To comprehensively, thoroughly and consistently act in the relevant spirit of the higher authorities, Hulun Lake Fishery Co.,Ltd spares no effort to actively take efficient measures on every aspect to protect resources and ecological environment; to increase input, constantly improve and strengthen facilities level of the staffs of the police station no water; to strengthen the environmental protection of aquatic scientific research. All of these have produced much effect.

   Positive and negative experience of these years has proved that to ensure the everlasting utility of Hulun lake and benefit future generation, we must strengthen protection. According to law, exploit rationally; to carry out the constantly development strategy, we must adhere to right policies and take efficient measures. The two aspects are both needed and form and organic whole to keep Hulun lake young forever and make the most of it. Hulun Lake people cherish great hopes and confidence for Hulun Lake’s future. Hulun Lake Group sincerely invite personage of every social circles, entrepreneur and investor to come and cooperate in development and building of pearl of the Prairie-Hulun Lake in joint efforts, and hope Leading cadres at various levels and relevant departments offer their concern and support for the development and use of the aquatic resources and tourist resources of Hulun Lake.
       Enterprise Name : Inner Magnolia Hulun Lake Fishery Co., Ltd.
       Address:No.36, Zhongyang Street, Zhalai Nuoer Mineral District, Mang zhouli